About Us

An Idea turned into reality by a group of IT graduates. Be Indian Buy Indian and Recommend Indian is our AIM. 

Why to buy foreign goods when we have much better quality of products available in India with lesser price. We all can help in contributing towards our country’s economic growth by discarding foreign products and adopting Indian goods. This online e commerce platform will help all Indian manufactures to increase their business in India and outside India.


Just celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day doesn't prove you as INDIAN. If you are an INDIAN just be the INDIAN by serving nation from Today only. 

To be a True INDIAN you don't need to go and join ARMY. Our respected Soldiers are doing well but they can save us on Border only.

Once the Economy will be Strong we will be able to fight against everything which are pulling us back.

Best of Luck "Be Desi Buy Desi" and Prove that you are a True INDIAN.


It's an Initiative by 3fitech Pvt. Ltd.